Our Products in the Wild

We are always impressed by our customer's creativity



Ever heard of a "Farnsworth?" Check out this replica made with the USB5M!


The sign of the cat

Lou used our USB2MV2 recording module to make this very cool hood ornament for his 1979 Mercury Cougar!


Sir Didymus

Nick used our USB5M recording module to make a replica of Sir Didymus puppet from the Labyrinth.

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Nerf Sentry

Grant used our USB5M recording module for this 1:1 scale replica of the Sentry gun from the movie "Aliens" and used the 5 minute USB sound / voice / music recording module loaded with actual sounds from the movie to provide the sound effects.


Kinetic Sculpture

Keegan used our USB2MV2 recording module for this interactive kinetic sculpture.  When you pull on the 8 ft handle, the speaker pops out (pneumatically driven) from the box and delivers self help motivational advice.

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